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Date:        Wednesday February 13, 2013
Time:        09:09 AM -0800

A.  What’s legal or not depends upon local laws. 
For example, on the Salmon River in New York, 
even though we’ve used legal flatfish clones, 
the treble hooks must be replaced with a single 
hook. There may be hook size and time-of-year 
limitations as well.  This is a purely local
 issue and if you’re new to an area, you really 
need to talk to locals.  

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Date:        Tuesday February 12, 2013
Time:        06:03 PM -0800


what lures are legal

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Date:        Monday December 10, 2012
Time:        07:11 AM -0800


A. If you find out why, let ME know! There 
can be a lot of reasons. Steelhead are a 
strong fish (an understatement!) Is the hook
 pulling out or is it breaking off? If you're 
using a spinning rod, make sure that the 
drag is not set too tight! Let the fish run!
 Take your time and don't put too much pressure 
on the fish. Let the rod do the work. If the 
hook breaks off, you may be scuffing the leader
 on a rocky bottom or the line may have weakened 
over time. Try a little stronger leader. You 
may have to go to 10lb test depending on 
bottom or current conditions. And don't forget,
if you're landing anywhere near 1/2 of your
hookups, don't worry. You're doing very well!

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Date:        Monday December 10, 2012
Time:        03:15 AM -0800


I'm am breaking off on hook up why?





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