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Date:        25 Mar 2013
Time:        13:39:41

The Movie:"Bullet to the Head."  
I hate to keep harping on the hypocritical political
gun control games going on in Washington, but I 
just remembered Hollywood’s new movie release "Bullet
to the Head" really isn’t showing disrespect for the 
20 dead kids in Connecticut.  It seems that it’s only 
Hollywood’s latest way of showing their respect for
the Congresswoman from Arizona who took a REAL bullet
to her head.  And here I was under the naive
impression that Hollywood’s only out to make money! 
What a great PR idea!  Naming a movie after Gabby 
Giffords: "Bullet to the Head!"  Meanwhile, her 
husband Mark Kelly, appears not to seem upset at all
with a movie with an insensitive title like that! He
wants to control guns, instead!  It sounds like he’s 
getting ready to run for President! 
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